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Virtual and Augmented Realities . Open Games Workshop . LMU Media Informatics

20161024_123617Open Games Workshop . Virtual and Augmented Realities – The Future of Commerce?
at LMU | Media Informatics . Winter term 2016
With Evangelos Angelidis, Roman Rolnik, Thomas Wimmer, Michael Spitzer and Wolfgang Höhl

BICC OpenLab – Smart Cities | Smart Regions | Modelling & Simulation

2016-07-12 | 17:00 | ZD.B Garching . Lichtenbergstrasse 8, D-85748 Garching

Augmented Reality im öffentlichen Raum | Dr. -Ing. Wolfgang Höhl
Smart Cities & Smart Regions | Dr.-Ing. Andreas Donaubauer
Bayerische eDörfer | Prof. Dr. Diane Ahrens

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Foresight Filmfestival | Science meets Vision

Foresight Filmfestival N° 2 | Science meets Vision . Award ceremony
2016-06-30 | Steintor Varieté, D-06112 Halle / Saale

Heartbleed 2K . Game Concept using Bio-Feedback

Heartbleed 2K . Game Concept using Bio-Feedback

by Michael Grünwald, Felix Scheidhammer, Sonja Stefani, Leonid Petrov

Find your way out in only 2000 heartbeats!

This project was created in the course of the lecture “Open Real Time Games Workshop” directed by Dr.- Ing. Wolfgang Höhl at Munich University of Technology (TUM) | Games Engineering . Summer term 2016.

Watch our video on YouTube:

BioFeedback in Games . Open Games Workshop at TUM

20160404_125711BioFeedback in Games . Workshop at Munich University of Technology . Department of Informatics | Games Engineering

Featuring Dr. Peter Zeile and Daniel Broschart from CPE | Computergestützte Planungs- und Entwurfsmethoden . Prof. Dr. Bernd Streich . Kaiserslautern University of Technology.

Efficient Virtual Collaboration | Gamify Conference 2016


Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Höhl will present Efficient Virtual Collaboration Methods using 3D Games Technology with “Network Structures in Virtual Environments” on February 23rd, 2016 . vbw | Haus der bayerischen Wirtschaft, Munich | Germany

Further details and applications for Gamify Conference here

Game Based Learning in Brightspace by D2L

Game Based Learning in Brightspace by D2L . Gamification Project
for Lambton College in Canada by Rafi Syed, D2L Europe Ltd, London

Interface for creating a game-based course where students can interact
with course material, gain badges and points, and show their scores in a
leaderboard. This was created with principles of creating engaging design, creating
competition, and giving small rewards (badges) for achievements.

We created a framework for an instructional designer or professor to use
in order to design a gamification layer, and publish to their Brightspace
course. So we created a tool that anyone can use to create a game map,
activities, assessments, and a leader board and badging elements.
There is more information here:


Rafi Syed
Senior Solution Engineer, Team Lead
D2L Europe LTD | London, United Kingdom