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Tag: 3D Visualization

Daylight Simulation, Architectural Visualization, Robotics and Embedded Systems, Scientific Visualization, Solar Simulation, Animation, Interion Design, Simulation, Solar Simulation, Engineering, Automotive, Life Sciences, Biology, Nanotechnology, Medicine, Biotechnology, Science

Virtual Reality Workshops | 3D-Stadtmodelle . Universitätsclub Bonn

Virtual Reality Workshops | Works in Progress . 2017-11-22 at Workshop 3D-Stadtmodelle | Objects in Space . Universitätsclub Bonn Virtual Reality GIF by Oculus .…

[uˈtɔpɔs] ou-topos | οὐ-τόπος . a catalogue for an exhibition that never happened (German Edition)

wolfgang höhl (2016): [uˈtɔpɔs] ou-topos | οὐ-τόπος . ein ausstellungskatalog für eine ausstellung, die nie stattfand (German Edition) Now avaliable at dieser ausstellungskatalog beschäftigt…

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