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HVAC 3D-Simulation using AutoCAD and GIMP

Hanke_Detail_DEA Hanke_Detail_Enthärtung Hanke_Gesamtanlage Hanke_Überachungskamera_bearbeitet Hanke_Überachungskamera_Rohbild

Unbelievable! A perfect 3D-Simulation using only AutoCAD and GIMP!

House Connection Facility containing devices for increasing pressure and water softening.
Renderings made by Thorsten Hanke in the course of the lecture “3D Visualization for Engineers”, lead by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Höhl. Munich University of Applied Sciences, Summer Term 2013.

Generative Solar Design using Blender


Generative Solar Design

Use solar simulation and adapt the building design.

These studies were made with the open-source software packages Blender and GIMP, using the techniques of pythonscripting and texture baking.

This contribution derives from the publication “Generative Solar Design – Spaces of light, shadow bodies and dynamic solar simulation with Open-Source Software” by Wolfgang Höhl (Lichträume, Schattenkörper und dynamische Sonnenstandssimulation mit Open­-Source Software), in: Computer Spezial 2/2009, Bauverlag BV GmbH., Gütersloh 2009, S. 13 – 19 und in: FORUM PLANEN 11 / Juni 09, und in: Österreichischer Wirtschaftsverlag, Wien 2009, S. 9-11