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animago Award & Conference . 2017-09-07/08

animago Award & Conference | 2017-09-07/08 . Gasteig Munich | Rosenheimer Straße 5, 81667 Munich, Germany

Basic 3D Cityscapes for VR Environments | Open Source Workflow

Three steps to generate basic 3D cityscapes for Virtual Reality environments in an exclusively Open Source workflow

Open OpenStreetMap
select area and
export area to OSM file.

Download and install OSM2World
open referring OSM file using OSM2World
and save OSM file as OBJ file.

Import OBJ file into a 3D application
of your choice (Blender, Cinema 4D,
3DS MAX, Maya, Rhinoceros, etc.).

Guest Lecture . Fuat Yüksel | Trixter Munich

Guest Lecture by Fuat Yüksel . Technical Director FX | Trixter Munich . 3D Production Pipelines and Tools for Hollywood-Movies . LMU Media Informatics

Audi Production Lab . A journey into the future

2016-12-14  . Visit at Audi Production Lab . Smart Factory | A journey into the future
with Jens Angerer and Christian Mai. Kindly supported by Thomas Wimmer and Thomas Ascioglu from Innoactive | Virtual Reality, Apps and Web

AR in Public Space . Guest Lecture at Fraunhofer ILM

Augmented Reality im öffentlichen Raum – Neue Anwendungen für Tourismus, Bildung und Entertainment. Entscheidungsinstrumente für Planer, Politik und Öffentlichkeit.

Gastvortrag beim 45. Anwenderforum für Satellitennavigation, Freizeit und Tourismus
Fraunhofer IML | Projektzentrum Verkehr, Mobilität und Umwelt

Augmented Reality in Public Space – Up to date applications for Tourism, Education and Entertainment. Design Review Systems for Planners, Politics and the Public.

Guest Lecture at 45th User forum for Satellite Navigation, Recreation and Tourism
Fraunhofer ILM | Project Centre for Transportation, Mobility and the Environment


Höhl, W., Broschart, D. (2015): Augmented Reality in Architektur und Stadtplanung – Potenziale von Augmented Reality in Architektur und Stadtplanung, in: GIS Science – Die Zeitschrift für Geoinformatik, Nr. 1 / 2015, ISSN: 1869-9391, S. 20 – 29

Free 200 High-Resolution 2D People for Architectural Renderings

Free 200 High-Resolution 2D People for Architectural Renderings, in: Architizer | http://architizer.com/blog/2d-people/