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Offered Services

History Traveller – 3D Augmented Reality Tourist Guide

The range of services offered by the research institute is aimed at project funding agencies, public institutions and companies across many industries and disciplines.

– Project support services and expert counselling | The institute supports its clients in conceiving and planning virtual 3D worlds and offers project support services such as expert counselling.

– Research cooperation | In a partnership or a project collaboration the institute explores viable ways for mutual development of innovative ideas and research project proposals.

– Qualified expert reviews and studies | Throughout knowledge and experience the research institute supports its clients with custom-designed and qualified expert reviews and studies. For small and medium-sized enterprises without their own R&D department, the institute is a suitable partner with innovative know-how. The institute also offers evaluation tasks for technology assessment in sustainability, usability, user experience and user immersion for innovative applications.

The services mentioned above can help our partners to evaluate and improve a project in an early stage of development and avoid costs in project implementation.

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