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“Dice the Arena” . Interactive AR-Application using Junaio

Screenshot_2015-07-16-14-52-13 (1) Screenshot_2015-07-16-14-51-58 Screenshot_2015-07-16-14-51-09“Dice the Arena” .  Interactive AR-Application using Junaio by Mai-Anh Nguyen, Benjamin Eder, Christian Guerrero and Xaver Loeffelholz

“Dice: The Arena” is an Augmented Reality App using a Junaio channel supported by Metaio. Two players can throw virtual dice. The result is displayed with a short animation of two different goblins. They drop down to the dice and fight each other. The goblin with the higher number wins.

It is the first time that “Canon JS”, a physics engine for JavaScript was used in a Junaio channel to enable the realistic behaviour of the dice. An arena with a dusty ground represents the limits of the playing field. This image can be used as a trackable to crossfade the real and the virtual environment.

This project was created in the course of the university lecture “Practical Course 3D Modeling with Blender” directed by Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Höhl at Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich | Media Informatics Groups . Winter term 2014/2015.

Kindly supported by Matthias Greiner and Nicolai Georg | Metaio GmbH.

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