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[Escapist] Manifesto (2014)

Reality is boring. Much too boring. So boring!

You can do whatever you want. We all can do whatever we want. No rules and no regrets. We need parties! We need events. We are dwarfs, gnomes, pixies, knights, princesses, magicians, giants, monsters, lightnings, curses, the haze, swords, seers and prisoners. We are all heroes on our journey; on a heroes journey. We do not need any solidarity. We decide for ourselves. In competition with all of us.

One date an evening is not enough. We go by car. If need be, we will have a hundred dates an evening minimum. We all belong to the Jet Set; fifteen seconds at least. The fat years are now! Presence and past. We love the past. We worship vintage mirrors, old sofas and aged mopeds. We worship projection screens.

Brands and Mash-Ups. Star Wars and Star Trek. Angry Birds and Valiant Hearts. We are looking for brands to take them to the market. Therefore we do not produce anything new. Everything is safe. We knew it all before. We know any new product. Where is innovation? We do not need any progress. Presence is enough.

But … do YOU think so, too?

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