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Interactive experience with edddison

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“How to turn your 3D file into an interactive experience with edddison”

The 3D market is booming: 3D printing, animation, games, CAD and scanning technologies are expanding. These developments mean that we need new ways of engaging with data. At the moment, we are interacting with 3D files in an unnatural way; mouse and keyboard are tools of the past and not truly suitable for 3D presentations. Each application has to be prepared separately and requires programming skills, thus making the task not only difficult, but also quite time-demanding.

Professionals and consumers are looking for an affordable solution to communicate their ideas. edddison toolkit offers a cutting edge way to interact with and navigate in 3D files. It’s a platform comprising a collection of different programs and interface technologies. It can integrate a wide range of hardware input systems including the edddison hardware interface, tablets and touch screens. It offers plug-ins with standard 3D software including Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk Showcase, Unity3D and Trimble SketchUp. The powerful editor allows you to turn every 3D file into an interactive experience.

Within minutes and with no technical background needed. It is a tool for architects, designers, sales representatives, CG artists, engineers, media designers, filmmakers and everyone in need of 3D interactive visualization. edddison fits seamlessly into existing applications such as BIM (building informational models), visualization, digital prototyping and serious games. It promotes selling, planning, learning, presenting, convincing, understanding, sharing ideas, and simulating the real world in 3D. The list of possibilities is vast: thousands of applications for millions of users. So, make your 3D file come alive.

The beta program

Are you looking for a way to demo and share your ideas with others? If so, join the edddison beta program for free and become an exclusive user. Please go to Download, install and run it. About edddison technologies: The necessity to interact with 3D data is soaring. edddison technologies acknowledges this demand by developing and selling tools to turn 3D files into an interactive experience. edddisons mission is to democratize the usage of interactive 3D applications, giving every 3D user tools to create, design and present by him/her self. Similar to the way in which CMS has revolutionized the creation of websites, edddison toolkit will accelerate the creation of interactive 3D applications.

edddison is a brand of the company KOMMERZ, based in Graz / Austria.

edddison Technologies
Kommerz KG
Annenstrasse 57a
A-8020 Graz
CEO: DI Thomas Kienzl

Telephone: +43 316 77 47 27
inbox [at]

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