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My personal teaching statistics at LMU Media Informatics

112 Student Applications for Practical Course 3D Modelling with Blender

Cohésion . CG Short by Laura Mühlbach and Victoria Müller

This project was created in the course of the university lecture “Practical Course 3D Modelling with Blender” directed by Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Höhl at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich | Media Informatics . Summer term 2017.

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Virtual and Augmented Realities . Open Games Workshop . LMU Media Informatics

20161024_123617Open Games Workshop . Virtual and Augmented Realities – The Future of Commerce?
at LMU | Media Informatics . Winter term 2016
With Evangelos Angelidis, Roman Rolnik, Thomas Wimmer, Michael Spitzer and Wolfgang Höhl

Toast story . students project . LMU Media Informatics

140310_toaster_01 140310_toaster_02 140310_toaster_03

Following project was produced in the course of the lecture “Practical Course 3D Modeling using Blender” directed by Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Höhl during winter term 2013/2014.

Toast Story
Idea, production and post production: Moritz Bader, Katharina Frison und Stefanie Schreiner

“What exactly is going on in a toaster? This project tries to figure out function, elements and relations. In the end every spectator should know, what happens inside a toaster and how toasted bread gets brown and crispy.”