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Game Based Learning in Brightspace by D2L

Game Based Learning in Brightspace by D2L . Gamification Project
for Lambton College in Canada by Rafi Syed, D2L Europe Ltd, London

Interface for creating a game-based course where students can interact
with course material, gain badges and points, and show their scores in a
leaderboard. This was created with principles of creating engaging design, creating
competition, and giving small rewards (badges) for achievements.

We created a framework for an instructional designer or professor to use
in order to design a gamification layer, and publish to their Brightspace
course. So we created a tool that anyone can use to create a game map,
activities, assessments, and a leader board and badging elements.
There is more information here:

Rafi Syed
Senior Solution Engineer, Team Lead
D2L Europe LTD | London, United Kingdom

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