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das a von nna | Now available in the library catalogue of Hannover Leibniz University!

140915_coverHow do media change our environment? This book is a literal experiment on media and design. It broaches the issues of systems and space, element and structure as well as order and information.

From the analogue camera evolution up to augmented reality applications, the development from the producer up to the so called “produser” is shown. two anecdotes, reffering to a lecture of peter eisenman depict the impact of media on space and architecture.

This book originates from text fragments and sketches from the early nineties of the last century during the works on “MedienStädte” (2000) published by Passagen Verlag in Vienna.

In reciprocal interaction with the recipient, something new and undesigned should occur. Emergence and interactivity should be perceptible, as they were in the so called “New Media” in everyday life of the early nineties. This book is intended for all interested people. Primarily it was made for architects, media and game designers.

This e-book was published on November 8th, 2014.

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Now available in the library catalogue of Hannover Leibniz University

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