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Ideal Architecture is Utopia – Selected Publication in “Deutsches Architektenblatt” 10/2020.

Ideal Architecture is Utopia

It never leaves the space of image and text. Only there is it alive and present for a fleeting moment. “Ou-topos”, the non-place, becomes an open projection surface for our dreams and wishes, not to be localized, neither in time nor in space. The utopian ideal stands for a distant, unreachable country and at the same time for a distant, not yet reached future and an irretrievable past. The ideal exists somewhere in between – between text and image, between viewer and content. The utopian ideal is simultaneously never and nowhere.

Wolfgang Höhl (2020): Ideale Architektur ist eine Utopie, in: Deutsches Architektenblatt 10/2020

[uˈtɔpɔs] ou-topos | οὐ-τόπος
ein ausstellungskatalog für eine ausstellung, die nie stattfand von Wolfgang Höhl

now available at epubli and

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