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Leslie Lienau (2013): A Brief History of Perspective

Leon Battista Alberti (1435): Della Pittura –  drawing showing a horizon line and vanishing point

“… It was 15th Century Italian architect and engineer Filippo Brunelleschi who rediscovered the laws of perspective. He demonstrated a mathematical approach that proved how forms and space shrink in size according to their location and distance from the eye. In 1435 Leon Battista Alberti discovered the first theory of linear perspective and published his treatise Della Pictura (On Painting) in which he too relied on mathematics as the common ground of art and science. Alberti’s discovery had an enormous impact on European artists and is still used by artists, designers and architects today. …”

in: A Brief History of Perspective by Leslie Lienau, Blogpost from 2013-04-13


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